Lump of Coal & Tactical Bundle

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  • While a new 15 amp demo hammer won’t fit into most holiday stockings, hard-working men shouldn’t have to settle for a cheap set of off-brand wrenches. The contents of this box should be standard-issue for any man who managed to make the nice list this year. Highly functional and proudly overbuilt, this Tactical Scrubber™ and Big Ass Brick of Soap® are designed for hard-working men who want to get clean and smell good without making a big deal about it.Built to maximize hygiene & minimize droppage


  • Dual-mesh Tactical Scrubber™ is built to deliver a high caliber lather, and turn any Big Ass Brick of Soap® into soap-on-a-rope
  • Engineered to be fully machine washable, so it won’t mildew like those cheap loofah puffs
  • The double-stitched, 550 Mil-Spec paracord allows you to get a grip and keep your soap off the ground