Wild Blu Perks

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If you are on a mobile phone, click the three bars at the top left of the page for a drop down menu, at the very bottom it says "create account" you can sign up from there! If you are on a desk top there is a "person icon" at the top right of our page, you can sign up there! 
Earn 5 WBP Points for every $1 Spent! 
For every 100 WBP Points you earn, receive 1$ Off your next purchase! 
500 Points = $5 Off! 1000 Points = $10 Off! 2000 Points = $20 Off! 
*Wild Blu Boutique will never use your email or phone number for anything other than WBP Points updates and receipts. 
*WBP can not be combined with other sales or discounts*